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Top 10 PAVE Resource Library Additions in 2021

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As 2021 draws to a close, we thought we’d draw your attention to PAVE’s online resource library by highlighting 10 of our favorite new educational resources over the past year. You can find them in our resource library here: https://pavecampaign.org/resources/


First up among our favorite 2021 additions to our resource library is a recent European Commission report on the ethics of connected and automated vehicles. A fascinating topic, and one that will engage readers with diverse interests.


Automated trucking was a hot topic throughout 2021, and our resource library contains a fascinating DOT-funded study on its macroeconomic impacts. If you want to understand how AVs could affect the economy, this is a great place to dive in.

Macroeconomic Impacts of Automated Driving Systems in Long-Haul Trucking

By: Robert Waschik, Catherine L. Taylor, Daniel Friedman, Jasmine Boatner, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center & Victoria University

Developing Urban Mobility Policy in Response to Autonomous Vehicles:
A Multi-Party Policy Development Simulation

By: Lance Eliot and Mark Fagan, Harvard Kennedy School Taubman Center for State and Local Government


How will AVs shape the cities of the future? A Harvard Kennedy School study simulates the arrival of AV operators in a fictitious city, in order to answer this intimidating question. Find it here or in our online resource library, and explore the answers!


In September of 2021 the Congressional Black Caucus took a hard look at some of the equity implications of AVs in this concise but important look at how AVs can usher in a just transition for black drivers. Give it a read to explore this issue.

Driverless Jobs: Autonomous Vehicles & A Just Transition for Black Drivers

By: Regan F. Patterson, Ph.D. for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Older Adults, New Mobility, and Automated Vehicles

By: Laura Fraade-Blanar, Nico Larco, Ryan Best, Tiffany Swift, Marjory S. Blumenthal, Rand Corporation, AARP & Urbanism Next


There are a lot of assumptions about how older people feel about AVs, but Urbanism Next actually asked them for their thoughtful study on automated vehicles and older adults. You can find the report here.


Our next new resource of 2021 is a bit more light-hearted than some others, but it addresses an important topic: how AVs are portrayed in pop culture. Watch classic SciFi film clips with Dr. Anuja Sonalker of STEER and learn what they can teach us.

Going Beyond the Black Box

By: Dr. Anuja Sonalker, STEER


PAVE member Perceptive Automata wrote a series of fantastic educational blog posts during 2021 that looks “beyond the black box” at important issues related to pedestrian safety, community consent and the economics of robotaxis. Find them all here.


Preparing first responders for the new world of AVs is a critical step toward widespread deployment. In this report, GHSA lays out some of the best practices prepared by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.


What does the governance ecosystem around AVs look like? There are a lot of misperceptions, so this World Economic Forum paper is a helpful way to understand who has a stake in AV governance, from standards bodies to regulators.


Finally, our resource library was greatly enhanced in 2021 by this U.S. Access Board report on their public dialogues about the inclusive design of AVs. This deep dive is a must-read for anyone who wants to see AVs deliver on their promise of mobility for all.

Thanks for joining us for this look at some of the most interesting new additions to PAVE’s resource library in 2021! You can browse PAVE’s entire resource library at https://pavecampaign.org/resources. If you have suggestions for additions to the library, please send them our way!