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Top 10 PAVE Virtual Panels of 2021

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With another year coming to a close, it’s time to look back at our favorite PAVE weekly virtual panels of 2021! We put a lot into our panel every week, so it’s hard to pick favorites… but we managed! Join us as we count down our top 10 of the year.


Our countdown starts by answering a question that a lot of people don’t even know to ask: what is “Automotive Grade”? Find out how cars stay working in all conditions, and why AVs will need to be even more robust.


AI bias has been a topic of growing concern for some time, leading to all kinds of questions about how it might affect AVs. We convened a panel to address the topic, featuring guests from Aptiv and Humanising Autonomy.


Our number 8 virtual panel of the year tackled some of the hottest areas for autonomous driving startups: mining and construction. Looking beyond personal mobility helps shed light on where AVs can add value, and have been for years.


There’s a lot of misinformation about HD maps for automated vehicles, which is why we convened the panel in the 7th spot of our countdown. In it, guests from a variety of map companies bust myths and explain how and why maps make AVs smarter and safer.


Simulation is a topic that seems familiar at first glance, but not a lot of people really understand how it’s used in AV development. So for our number 6 panel of 2021, we brought together top experts to explain how they use simulation to develop AVs.


Perception is the heart of the AV tech stack, providing the information that feeds safer, smarter driving decisions. With top experts to explain this complex topic, our number 5 panel of the year is a great way to learn more about AV perception.


Our number four weekly virtual panel of the year took place last January, when two of the top leaders at Zoox joined us to share their views on the road ahead. Join CEO Aicha Evans and Chief Safety Innovation Officer Mark Rosekind for this great chat.


How AVs will impact the environment is a tough question to answer, but the guests for our number 3 virtual panel of 2021 handled it with candor and nuance.  When there are no easy answers, PAVE strives to share a variety of fact-based perspectives.


Are AVs an AI problem? Sure, but that’s not the whole story. For our number 2 panel of 2021 we asked PAVE members to explain the AV systems engineering challenge, and how it relates to better-known AI problems. Prepare to understand AVs like never before!


If you can understand what a “safety case” is and how it works, a lot of things about AVs will start making a lot more sense. That was the vision behind our number one virtual panel of 2021, and thanks to guests from Aurora & Intel it delivered!

Thanks to our visiting experts and PAVE’s members for making our weekly virtual panels possible, and to you for tuning in each week! Follow PAVE in 2022, as we continue to examine important topics related to automated vehicles in our weekly virtual panel series!