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PAVE is a coalition of industry, nonprofits, and academics with one goal:

To bring the conversation about automated vehicles (AVs) to the public so everyone can play a role in shaping our future. PAVE’s goal is purely educational—we don’t advocate for a particular technology or specific public policies. Our members believe that we can only achieve the potential benefits of driverless technology if the public and policymakers know the honest facts. PAVE wants to raise public awareness of both what is on the roads today and what is possible for the future.

Click here for a one-page flyer that provides an overview of PAVE’s mission, work and membership.


PAVE is a diverse coalition that unites industry partners and nonprofit groups who believe in the potential of AVs.  Our nonprofit members include disability advocates, safety groups, sustainability advocates, and trade associations. Our industry members include traditional automakers, auto component makers, startup technology firms, established tech companies, and insurers.  We also have advisory groups of leading academics and public sector officials who provide guidance and support for the coalition’s activities.


PAVE helps enhance public understanding of driverless technology through:

  • An educational website and social media channels
  • “Hands-on” demonstrations that allow the public to see and experience driverless technology
  • Outreach events, such as conferences and public forums, that provide opportunities to engage with the public about AV technology and its potential benefits
  • A virtual panel series and podcast designed to educate the public and broaden the conversation about automated vehicles
  • Public sector workshops aimed at providing facts about AV technology to help communities make informed decisions
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Why We Do It


We believe that our roads can be safer, more accessible, and more environmentally friendly than they are today. We believe that the technical challenges of creating driverless vehicles, while substantial, are solvable and that Americans will someday be able to choose the benefits of driverless technology. PAVE is a bet on the power of knowledge: we believe that if the public knows the facts, it’s far more likely that the full capability of these technologies can be realized.