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Profile: Dr. Bradley Potteiger


Dr. Bradley Potteiger is a senior researcher at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory focusing his research on the safety and security of autonomous vehicles. Specifically, he is working to develop resilient, adaptive, and verifiable cybersecurity architectures to lockdown the next generation of vehicles.

PAVE: How does your work align with our mission of educating the public about AV technology and its promise?

For autonomous vehicles to be widely adopted, we have to ensure that they are secure from our most dangerous adversaries. The goal of my research is to bring the best cybersecurity approaches from academia, government, and industry to create truly unhackable systems.

PAVE: What are current barriers you see in public acceptance of autonomous vehicles?

I think fear of the unknown is the most significant barrier. With the lack of control introduced with AV technology, passengers are literally putting their lives in the hands of software. Our goal as researchers is to bring the brightest minds together with the public to develop architectures, algorithms, and protections to make this the safest and most secure technology on the planet.

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