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Profile: Dr. Lily Elefteriadou


Dr. Elefteriadou is the Director of the UF Transportation Institute (UFTI), and the Barbara Goldsby Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Florida. Along with the FDOT and the City of Gainesville, she has initiated the I-STREET real-world testbed in Gainesville, FL, which develops, deploys and evaluates advanced vehicle technologies. Her recent research focuses on traffic management of autonomous and connected vehicles.

PAVE: Our mission is to educate the public on AV technology and its promise. How does your own research fit into that mission?

The UF Transportation Institute along with the I-STREET testbed stakeholders, have made it a priority to leverage autonomous and connected vehicle technologies to enhance mobility and safety. Educating the public regarding AV technologies is very well aligned with our mission.

PAVE: What challenges do you see in improving public education about AV technology?

There are a lot of misconceptions on what AVs can and cannot do. It is very important to be transparent, to explain what the technology is capable of achieving and also what still needs to be accomplished.

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