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Profile: Dr. Missy Cummings


Prof. Cummings is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University and the Director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory. Her research includes modeling and designing safe and effective human interaction in autonomous transportation systems as well as the testing and certification of safety-critical autonomous systems.

PAVE: What are current barriers you see in public acceptance of automated vehicles?

The biggest barriers to public acceptance of vehicles are a lack of consistently safe and reliable operations, as well as the lack of AV community-determined safety standards.

PAVE: How does your work align with the PAVE mission of educating the public on AV technology and its promise?

My work in the modeling and design of both autonomous vehicles and the remote operations centers that supervise them provides foundational education material for both companies and regulatory agencies.

About the Academic Advisory Council: PAVE’s academic partners help to guide PAVE on its mission of promoting fact-based public discussion about automated vehicles. Council members serve in a strictly advisory capacity, providing PAVE and its members with opinions and recommendations related to AV technology and its societal effects.