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Autonomy Paris 2022 – PAVE Europe Launch

Autonomy Paris 2022 – PAVE Europe Launch

Public Launch: PAVE Europe

Registration Required • March 17, 2022 • 12:40pm CET/6:40am EST

Event Description:

PAVE Europe is a coalition of industry, nonprofits, and academics with one goal: To bring the conversation about automated vehicles (AVs) to the public so everyone can play a role in shaping our future. PAVE Europe’s goal is purely educational—we don’t advocate for a particular technology or specific public policies. Our members believe that we can only achieve the potential benefits of driverless technology if the public and policymakers know the honest facts. PAVE wants to raise public awareness of both what is on the roads today and what is possible for the future.


  • Frederic John, D-Carbonize
  • Lukas Neckermann, PAVE Europe

Learn more or register on the conference website HERE.


Mar 17 2022


6:40 am - 8:00 am


Paris, France
Paris, France

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