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PAVE Virtual Panel “AVs Around the World: Switzerland”

PAVE Virtual Panel “AVs Around the World: Switzerland”

Automated vehicles are a global phenomenon, with global impacts and global challenges. Around the world, countries are contemplating how to introduce AVs into the transportation system in a way that ensures the technology creates change for the better, and they’re taking different approaches to AV regulation, testing and deployment, and integrating the technology into public transit systems.

In a new series, “AVs Around the World,” PAVE will spotlight different countries and talk to stakeholders about how they’re approaching the AV future.  How is this technology regulated? What forms of AV technology are deployed? What has public reception been?

In our first episode of “AVs Around the World,” we look at AVs in Switzerland, where they have actively sought to integrate AV technology into their robust public transit system. We will talk to Oliver Nahon from the Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility and Stafano Lungo, the Head of Automated Driving at Embotech, about how AVs are transforming the Swiss transportation system.


  • Oliver Nahon – Strategic Manager, Swiss Association for Autonomous Mobility
  • Stefano Lungo Head of Automated Driving, Embotech


Jun 08 2022


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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