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PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Citizens’ current perceptions of AVs and their future expectations”

PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Citizens’ current perceptions of AVs and their future expectations”

Recent studies have shown that the successful deployment of connected and automated vehicles will largely depend on public opinion. Expectations and concerns are essential components driving the speed of market uptake and final adoption of these technologies. Citizens currently have mixed perceptions of autonomous vehicles (AVs), with excitement about the technology’s potential for improving transportation and reducing accidents, but also concerns about safety, cybersecurity, and job loss. They also envision a future where AVs improve accessibility for those who currently have difficulty using traditional forms of transportation.

Studies suggest that citizens expect AVs to become more prevalent on the roads in the next decade, with a growing number of people considering using AVs for daily commutes. They also expect AVs to be more affordable, more accessible and safer than human-driven vehicles.

In this first PAVE Europe Panel, we will talk to experts from the private and the public sector about how they envisage the current state of AV technology in Europe, and how citizens view the technology and its potential impact on transportation and mobility. The panelists will share their insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for the implementation of AVs in Europe, and how it might impact the society as a whole.


  • Monica Grosso – Scientific/Technical Support OfficerTransport Economist, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre
  • Arwed Schmidt – Director Strategic Initiatives – Passenger Transportation, Easymile
  • Laura Alčiauskaitė – Project Coordinator, European Network on Independent Living (ENIL)


Feb 08 2023


9:00 am - 9:30 am

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