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PAVE Virtual Panel: Meet The People of PAVE

PAVE Virtual Panel: Meet The People of PAVE

PAVE is a coalition of more than 60 companies and nonprofits who have all joined together to engage with the public in a conversation about the future of transportation — but behind the scenes, PAVE is a staff of just four people who believe deeply in the promise of AVs.

We’re wrapping up our year of virtual panels with a special holiday edition: Meet the People of PAVE. You’ll get to meet PAVE’s staff, find out where their passion for AVs comes from, and learn the history of the organization from the people who have made it happen. If you’ve ever had questions about PAVE and its mission, people, history or goals, this is the perfect opportunity to ask! 


You can view recordings of all of PAVE’s virtual panels on the PAVE YouTube channel.


Dec 16 2020

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