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Reuters Automotive USA 2022 Panel: “Delivering an Autonomous Transport System” – PAVE Moderator

Reuters Automotive USA 2022 Panel: “Delivering an Autonomous Transport System” – PAVE Moderator

PAVE Executive Director Tara Andringa will moderate a panel entitled “Delivering an Autonomous Transport System” at Reuters Automotive 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, on October 18.

Tune into this session where there will be an in-depth breakdown of the journey towards an autonomous transport system made of interconnected technology and software.

  • Evaluate the growing presence of AI in the testing and validation of autonomous systems due to its efficient processing of large volumes of data from cameras, lidar and radar.
  • Recognize the presence of a regulatory framework and the importance of working alongside legislators to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible.
  • Gain insights into the high-level requirements of car performance and sensor/camera technology to ensure they are prepared for a range of environments and scenarios.
  • Recognize that the focus is to deliver a safe, efficient, clean, and reliable transport whilst developing a cloud-based ecosystem for each company to enable autonomous operations on a large scale


  • Jody Kelman, Director of Product Management, Self-Driving Platform, Lyft
  • David Strickland, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs and Transportation Technology, General Motors
  • Otto Matheke III, Director – Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance, NHTSA
  • Johann Jungwirth, Senior Vice President, Autonomous Vehicle Programs, Mobileye
  • Moderator: Tara Andringa, Executive Director, PAVE

Additional information is available at the conference website: https://events.reutersevents.com/automotive/automotive-usa



Oct 18 2022


3:50 pm - 4:30 pm

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