Demystifying AV technology

Helping Americans understand automated vehicle technology and its potential benefits will be a hands-on affair for PAVE. Over 2019, the coalition will launch a series of events to give consumers a chance to experience AV technology in person, and to give policymakers the foundation of knowledge to serve their constituents on issues related to AVs. The common thread that runs through these activities: the realization that the more people can see and experience AVs, the more comfortable they are with them.

PAVE will schedule a series of public demonstrations in 2019, intended to give consumers the opportunity to see and understand what can be complex and intimidating technology. While most Americans’ only experience with AV technology is through media reports, research suggests that the more hands-on experience people have with the technology, the more they appreciate its potential.

Similarly, PAVE will sponsor policymaker workshops to help give officials at the federal, state and local levels the understanding they need to approach the sometimes complex government policy questions related to AVs. PAVE will partner with leading universities to develop the curriculum for these workshops.

PAVE does not lobby for particular policies or regulations and does not advocate for specific approaches to AV technology. But by providing a baseline of knowledge and understanding, without unrealistic hype, PAVE will help ensure that everyone can participate in the discussions about the future of transportation.