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PAVE coalition launches broad-based public education campaign on automated vehicles

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LAS VEGAS — A broad coalition of leading industry, non-profit and academic institutions today launched a first-of-its kind campaign to inform the public and policymakers about the potential and the reality of advanced vehicle technologies and self-driving vehicles.

Partners for Automated Vehicle Education, or PAVE, will hold events across the country to introduce driver assistance and self-driving technology to consumers and policymakers; hold educational workshops to help federal, state and local officials make informed policy decisions; and develop educational materials to distribute to retail sales and customer service personnel.

“The members of this coalition come from a wide variety of interests, but share two beliefs: a belief in the potential of automated vehicles to transform the safety, mobility and sustainability of transportation, and a belief that informing the public about the technology is essential,” said Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council, which along with Audi of America will serve as inaugural co-chairs of PAVE. “It is essential to engage the public and their elected representatives to shape an informed future of our roadways.”

“Traditional automakers and newcomers are investing billions of dollars in the technology that will make automated vehicles possible,” said Mark Del Rosso, President, Audi of America. “PAVE recognizes the need to invest in public information — in making sure consumers and policymakers understand what’s real, what’s possible, and what is rumor or speculation.”

PAVE will seek to bring realistic, factual information to policymakers and the public so consumers and decision-makers understand the technology, its current state and its future potential — including the benefits in safety, mobility and sustainability. The group will sponsor hands-on workshops in partnership with SAE International to give consumers the ability to see, touch and feel developing AV technology. It will hold policy workshops in partnership with major academic institutions such as Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research to help policymakers understand AVs and their potential. And it will produce a website and social media content designed to reach broad audiences with factual, digestible information about AVs and their development.

PAVE members will join Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao for a keynote panel, “The New Mobility Revolution: Getting Consumers Ready,” on Wednesday, January 9, at CES. Chao will deliver keynote remarks, followed by a panel discussion featuring Debbie Hersman, President and CEO, National Safety Council; Chris Urmson, CEO, Aurora; Amnon Shashua, President and CEO, MobilEye and Senior Vice President, Intel Corporation; and Alex Haag, Chief Technology Officer, Autonomous Intelligent Driving.

PAVE’s website (pavecampaign.org), Facebook page (@PAVEcampaign), Instagram account (@PAVEcampaign) and Twitter handle (@PAVEcampaign) will distribute information about the coalition.