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PAVE’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome to PAVE’s 2023 AV Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2023 PAVE Gift Guide, the ultimate source for holiday ideas for the autonomous vehicle enthusiast on your list! 

Are you tired of gifting the same old car air fresheners and unused keychains? Fear not, for we’ve scoured the highways and byways of the tech world to bring you a list that’ll make your favorite autonomous vehicle aficionado’s heart race faster than a lidar beam.

Whether you’re shopping for a tech guru who dreams in code or just someone who can’t wait to let the car do the driving, we’ve got something for everyone. So, buckle up and get ready to cruise through the 2023 PAVE Gift Guide.

Happy Holidays from all of us at PAVE!

Self Driving Car In Therapist’s Office Art Print ($100)

AV technology enables vehicles to perform many human-like tasks… so maybe AVs also need someone to help sort through life? This humorous piece is customizable, available in many sizes, framing and mat options.

Empty Cockpit of Autonomous Car Canvas Poster  ($66)

Autonomous vehicles have expanded to cities across the United States. Now you can bring one right into your living room! This four-panel piece highlights the sensors and capabilities of an AV. Available from Amazon.

Autonomous Vehicle Laptop Skins   ($19 – $23)

Do you want an AV with you everywhere you go?  How about on your computer with a stylish laptop skin? These form-fitting vinyl decal stickers will protect your laptop from minor scratches and show the world your AV cred. On Redbubble.com.

Sammie and Sally Move Around Town (kids’ book) ($16 paperback)

From Mobility experts and mothers Selika Josiah Talbot and Lisa Bailey Borders (with illustrator Princess Karibo), this limited edition, two-in-one-set, Sammie and Sally Move Around Town and Sammie and Sally Spot a Bot are the perfect books for kids interested in transportation. Through the adventures of Sammie and Sally, readers will explore a wide variety of mobility options, including cars, bikes, scooters, and some new mobility technologies – like mini delivery robots! The set is available in both paper and hardback.

Self-Driving Cars (kids’ book) ($5 paperback)

Questions arise naturally as the younger generation sees autonomous vehicles in the news and on the road. Self-Driving Cars: A True Book: Engineering Wonders is the perfect beginner-level book to satisfy those endless questions and help kids see the future possibilities of autonomous vehicle technology. Available in paperback and hardcover.

Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies and Disruptions: Updated and Expanded Second Edition ($13 paperback) 

In the rapidly transforming, fast-paced world of AVs, it’s important to be updated on the current trends and dynamics. The recently updated Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities, Strategies, and Disruptions delves into new market opportunities for autonomous vehicles, expands global assessment, and includes new insights.

Engineering Autonomous Vehicles and Robots: The DragonFly Modular-based Approach (IEEE Press) ($113 – $124)

Have you ever wondered exactly how autonomous vehicles are built? Well, this first in-its-kind book, Engineering Autonomous Vehicles and Robots: The DragonFly Modular-based Approach, offers a wide range of content, including a step-by-step guide to building autonomous vehicles and robots, with source code and accompanying videos. 

Navigating Tomorrow: A Journey into the World of Autonomous Vehicles ($14)

In addition to the technical hurdles in creating AVs, the technology also poses philosophical questions about law and society. This recently published book, Navigating Tomorrow: A Journey into the World of Autonomous Vehicles, addresses the human aspects of autonomy related to interaction, trust, and user experience.

How Autonomous Vehicles will Change the World: Why self-driving car technology will usher in a new age of prosperity and disruption ($13)

Featuring over 150 illustrations, diagrams, and renderings, How Autonomous Vehicles will Change the World: Why self-driving car technology will usher in a new age of prosperity and disruption is an accessible, non-technical dive into what the future world could look like with autonomous vehicles.

Peppa Pig’s Clever Car Interactive Pre-School Toy With Lights And Sounds – Self Driving ($30)

Peppa Pig’s Clever Car interactive toy features the full family: Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig as they drive around the room in Peppa’s Clever Car – which drives itself. The car features built-in sensors that help it avoid obstacles as it navigates the room. With working headlights, flashing seats and 25 character phrases and car sounds, this gift is something that will excite AV enthusiasts of all ages.

Donkey Car (price varies)

For the DIYer in all of us, the Donkey Car allows you to design a program and run your own small-scale car. Additionally, with an active online community, help is always available if you get stuck. This gift is perfect for the engineer who is always looking to build something fun and new. 

Autonomous Vehicle Kit ($299)

Twin’s Autonomous Vehicle Kit, which won the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Award, brings autonomous vehicle building to a whole new level. The kit, which is Lego-compatible, lets kids bring their creations to life and their creativity flourish.

Vector 2.0 AI Robot Companion  ($399)

Digital Dreamlabs brings you a cute new cute robo-pet that steals your heart, not your data. Through the power of AI, Vector can read the room, play games, share the weather forecast, take a snapshot, and much more. The new and improved Vector 2.0 has improved battery life, camera quality, and app functionality, making this a perfect robo-companion gift.

Crowbits Inventor Kit for Micro: Bit ($138)

Unlock your child’s potential by helping them build and design smart programs using this DIY STEM kit. The set exposes young minds to coding and electronics, and unlocks their creativity with this adaptable and flexible set.  And it’s compatible with Legos, so kids can incorporate their existing blocks to make the set even bigger.

Real Cars Drive Themselves T-shirt ($20)

Your AV fanatic can proudly flaunt their vehicle’s machoism in this “Real cars drive themselves” tshirt. Available in many colors, in both adult and kids’ sizes on Amazon.

I Need A Self-Driving Car T-Shirt ($20)

Do you need to get to an appointment and need to do work on the way?  Can’t find parking? Have to get your kids to soccer practice when you have to be on the other side of town?  Need to respond to texts during your commute?  Let the world know that you need a self-driving car!  This hilarious and relatable t-shirt is available from Amazon.

Moonwalkers ($1000)

A new, very futuristic piece of tech is letting people walk further, faster, and easier. Moonwalkers from Shift Robotics transform what look like techy roller skates into an advanced mobility device that allows you to walk at the speed of a run. The technology uses machine learning algorithms to adapt to a user’s walking gaits, making them an extension of people’s legs and letting them cover more ground.

Comma 3X ($1150)

Are you eager to test out automated technology in your car today? The Comma 3X system is compatible with more than 250 cars and allows drivers to experience HDR cameras and a suite of connectivity and sensors, including three 1080p cameras with 140 dB of dynamic range and 128 gb of on-device storage. 

Car Diagnostic Scan Tool ($79)

BlueDriver is a new and easy way to scan your car to understand it like a mechanic, giving you access to information normally available only to mechanics on their OBD2 scan tools. The device compiles all the information into an iOS & Android app, connecting you to a database of repair videos with step-by-step directions of repairs. This piece of tech gives you unparalleled access to your car’s health and technical issues that arise. 

Coursera course in Nural Networks 

For those wanting a deeper understanding of the technology that makes autonomous vehicles and other AI applications possible, check out this course, Neural Networks and Deep Learning, offered by Coursera. With over 119,000 ratings and a 4.9 star average, this course offers a new, interactive way to learn about this ever-changing technology from experts and industry leaders. 

SUNITEC Handsfree ($32)

Does your car lack all of the modern bells and whistles in handless cell phone technology? No matter how old the car or system, with SUNITEC Handsfree, there is no excuse for fiddling with your phone trying to answer a call while driving. SUNITEC Handsfree pairs premium audio quality with a powerful 3-volt speaker, allowing for safer driving. With built-in motion sensors, the system can power on when you enter the vehicle, and during your drive, you can use voice commands to make calls, send texts, and use GPS applications.

Newly Updated 2023 release of CARLA – Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research 

If you’re a true AV techie, check out CARLA—an open-source simulator designed for autonomous driving development. Carla’s newly-updated November 2023 release brings SimReady content import to CARLA through NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform, two new maps, a procedural map generation tool and a procedural building generation tool. 

World Truck Driving Simulator 

Do you ever wonder what the life of a new autonomous truck looks like? Well, with the World Truck Driving Simulator, you can take the place of that system and experience it yourself!

Autonomous Vehicle App

With the endless news cycle, it’s easy to miss breaking AV news, developments and expansions. That’s where Autonomous Vehicle comes in, giving you up-to-date information on what’s happening in AV industry. This app will keep you up to date on new technologies, services, design challenges, and legislative issues.