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PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Scaling Autonomous Driving: Hamburg”

Description: In this virtual panel we will embark on a glimpse into Hamburg’s future of transportation. By 2030, Hamburg aims to introduce 10,000 autonomous shuttles as part of a modern on-demand transport service that supplements the classic public bus and rail transport system with a new product and represents an attractive alternative to private cars. […]

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PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Charting the Road Ahead: Public Engagement for a Transformative Autonomous Mobility Future”

This virtual panel session aims to delve into the pivotal role of public engagement in shaping a safe and sustainable era of autonomous vehicles (AVs). We will explore the intricate dynamics of highly automated vehicles, investigating human factors influencing design and considerations for Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Our panelists will provide valuable insights into the interaction […]

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PAVE Europe/ReMo Virtual Panel “How Regulatory Sandboxing Can Accelerate CCAM: International Experiences and Best Practices”

Description: In partnership with PAVE Europe, the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo), will host a webinar to discuss the role regulatory sandboxing can play in developing iterative and flexible policy for Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) deployment, by looking at examples and best practices from around the world. Regulatory sandboxing is a globally recognized […]

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PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Testing Autonomous Solutions: Safety Validation for Highly Automated Vehicles”

Description: Testing Autonomous Solutions in Highly Automated Vehicles represents a pivotal frontier in the ever-evolving landscape of transportation technology. As the world hurtles toward an era of unprecedented innovation, ensuring the safety and reliability of highly automated vehicles takes center stage. The complexity of testing autonomous solutions stems from the intricate interplay between cutting-edge technologies […]

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PAVE Europe Virtual Panel “Scaling Connected and Automated Heavy-duty Vehicles in Real-life Logistics Operations”

Description: Discover the future of logistics through connected and automated heavy-duty vehicles. European projects like AWARD and MODI are leading the way in improving logistics seamless interaction between vehicles and logistics processes and operations across borders. These initiatives focus on safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability, shaping the future of transportation. This virtual panel discussion is […]

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