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PAVE Awarded Contract to Develop an Online Forum for Collaboration between States and the Automated Vehicle Industry

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PAVE Awarded Contract to Develop an Online Forum for Collaboration between States and the Automated Vehicle Industry


The project is managed by the Ohio Department of Transportation on behalf of the AV Pooled Fund

WASHINGTON – Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) was awarded a contract to develop a digital forum that will facilitate communication and collaboration between the public sector and the automated vehicle industry. The forum will provide a venue for all parties to access information that facilitates better decision-making as Infrastructure Owner Operators (IOOs) upgrade transportation infrastructure in preparation for AV technology. The forum will also allow for better coordination between transportation departments and policymakers across state boundaries.

“Since PAVE’s launch in 2019, we have worked to convene stakeholders across the automated vehicle ecosystem, uniting diverse organizations in the common goal of sharing information to create safer roads and new mobility options,” said PAVE Executive Director Tara Andringa. “This exciting project allows us to continue that important work of bringing industry, academia and the public sector together to help create a better transportation future.”

In this effort, PAVE will collaborate with AV stakeholders to develop a forum that is mutually beneficial for all parties: IOOs will be able to make infrastructure decisions that are informed by industry perspectives, and by having an opportunity to participate in the planning process, industry players will help to share the transportation system o the future. Ultimately, by creating a venue for collaboration, stakeholders will have the opportunity to develop a shared framework for bringing the benefits of AV technology across jurisdictional boundaries.

The IOO-AV digital forum project was launched by the AV Pooled Fund, a federally-funded partnership between eight state DOTs – Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, and Texas – to align the needs of the AV industry and state transportation systems. AV Pooled Fund member representatives will serve in a technical advisory role on the project under the management of the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Statewide Planning and Research.



Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to improve public understanding of advanced vehicle technologies in order to maximize the potential benefits in safety, mobility, and sustainability. PAVE members include automotive manufacturers, technology companies, and nonprofit organizations.