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Profile: Dan Chia


Dan Chia is currently a faculty member at the Singapore Institute of Technology, teaching automotive subjects and topics on Self Driving Vehicles. He is actively engaged with industry and government agencies in research on safe deployment of Autonomous Vehicles and standardization work at the national level.

PAVE: How can we improve public understanding about automated vehicles?

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are the digital transformation of traditional vehicles in the mobility sector. To achieve maximum potential, it is salient to educate the next generation on this technology, providing future technical expertise on how to achieve the original intention — mobility for all. By investing more research in improving the capabilities of autonomous vehicles in detecting human anomalies, we can help make AV deployments safer. A clear and concise approach to explaining AV functional capabilities is important to demystify the technology and address the public’s concerns and worries.

About the Academic Advisory Council: PAVE’s academic partners help to guide PAVE on its mission of promoting fact-based public discussion about automated vehicles. Council members serve in a strictly advisory capacity, providing PAVE and its members with opinions and recommendations related to AV technology and its societal effects.