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PAVE Speakers Bureau

Speakers from PAVE member organizations represent all aspects of the automated vehicle ecosystem.

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Tara Andringa

Executive Director


Expertise: Autonomous vehicle policy, consumer engagement, public outreach and building public trust


Jackie Beckwith

Mobility Policy Analyst


Expertise: Policy and regulation at the international/federal/state levels re: AVs, especially trucking

1651083495665 - Francesco Biondi

Dr. Francesco Biondi

Professor of Human Factors
University of Windsor


Expertise: Human Factors Safety, Driver interaction with autonomous vehicles, Driver Distraction

Brent_Blanchard_070921 - Andie Davis

Brent Blanchard

SVP & General Manager, Industrial & Mobility
AEye, Inc.


Expertise: Using lidar technology to enhance efficiency and safety across the transportation ecosystem

1639110021373 - Andie Davis

Matt Bretoi

Senior Director, ITS and Smart Cities
AEye, Inc.


Expertise: Traffic management, lidar in ITS applications and Smart Cities, safe mobility

Corey-Clothier-headshot (1) - Corey Clothier

Corey Clothier

Founder/Director Stantec Autonomous Mobility


Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles: safety, planning, operations, ODD assessment

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Dr. Lily Elefteriadou

Director, UFTI & Professor of Civil Eng.
University of Florida


Expertise: Traffic management with autonomous connected vehicles, traffic simulation, traffic flow theory

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Melissa Froelich

Director, Government Relations


Expertise: Autonomous vehicles, federal policy, state regulation

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Finch Fulton

VP of Policy and Strategy


Expertise: Autonomous trucks, federal policy, state regulation

Jordan_Greene_070921 - Andie Davis

Jordan Greene

Co-founder, GM of Automotive and Trucking and VP of Corporate Development
AEye, Inc.


Expertise: Autonomous technology in automotive and trucking, lidar technology/trends, software-defined vehicles

GJ_Headshot_4(neutralbackground) - Gill O'Halloran - Edited

Gavin Jackson



Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles, Self-Driving Technology

BK - Brittney Danae Kohler

Brittney Kohler

Legislative Director Transportation & Infrastructure
National League of Cities


Expertise: City policy; AV federal policy

BKirk_headshot - Barrie Kirk

Barrie Kirk, P.Eng.

Executive Director


Expertise: Connected and autonomous vehicles and their Impact on government, corporations and society

Blair-LaCorte-2022-2-2 - Andie Davis

Blair LaCorte

Chief Executive Officer
AEye, Inc.


Expertise:Business growth and innovation, lidar/mobility technology, leadership in times of ambiguity/change

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Lisa Miller

Innovation Program Associate – CAV
The Eastern Transportation Coalition


Expertise: CAV Outreach, Strategic Communications, Traveler Information, CAV Programming/Strategy, ADAS


Steve Miller

Innovation Lead
Insurance Office of America 


Expertise: Autonomous vehicle risk & insurance expert

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Lukas Neckermann

C-Level Advisor / Board Member / Author of The Mobility Revolution
PAVE Europe / Neckermann Strategic Advisors


Expertise: Mobility Revolution, Shared mobility, Adoption, Fleets, Public transport, PAVE Europe / PAVE MENA

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Paul Newman

Founder & CTO


Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles, Self-Driving Technology


Angel Preston

Policy Director, Autonomous Vehicles and IOT
Intel Corporation


Expertise: Autonomous vehicles, federal policy, and state regulation

Dr. Bryan Reimer

Bryan Reimer

Research Scientists
MIT, AgeLab


Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles, Safety, Building public trust, Driver behavior

Marisa Headshot - Marisa Rodriguez-McGill

Marisa Rodriguez-McGill

Head of Policy
Lyft Autonomous


Expertise: AV Policy, AV Platforms, Multi-modal offerings, Hybrid Networks, Transportation Planning, VRUs

Dave Schaller LB 2022 - David Schaller

Dave Schaller

Industry Engagement Director


Expertise: Commercial freight truck technology development & deployment

8573269232_2253d123d9_k - Bryant Walker Smith

Bryant Walker Smith

Associate professor of law and (by courtesy) engineering
University of South Carolina


Expertise: Autonomous vehicles, federal and state policy, international policy, legal aspects

Dr_Allan_Steinhardt_pic_1 - Andie Davis

Dr. Allan Steinhardt

Chief Scientist
AEye, Inc.


Expertise: Aerospace and Defense science and technology innovation, the future of sensing technology

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Brad Stertz 

Director of Government Affairs
Audi of America


Expertise: Autonomous Vehicles, Safety, Building public trust

1574467021871 - Andie Davis

Indu Vijayan

Director of Product Management
AEye, Inc.


Expertise: Systems, software, and perception for automated and autonomous vehicles, diversity in the automotive and Autotech industries