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Profile: City of Peachtree Corners

PAVE: What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your work with AVs?

One of the most important things we have learned with our work with AVs is how having a dedicated AV test lane impacts the testing and development process. The dedicated test lane allows for AVs to continue to develop their technologies while being slowly introduced to public traffic. It allows them to still interact with normal traffic, but at reduced rate. This serves as a great medium for new AVs that are ready to be tested in a real-world environment.   

PAVE: What AV deployments/tests have taken place in your area? 

Currently, we have four AV solutions, three Navya shuttles and one Olli shuttle, being deployed in Peachtree Corners, operated by Beep. Beep is a mobility-as-a-service entity that operates the country’s largest and most tenured autonomous shuttles deployments. Deployed almost a year in the city, it has been exciting to see the shuttles develop over their tenure.

About the Public Sector Advisory Council: PAVE’s public sector partners help to guide PAVE on its mission of promoting fact-based public discussion about automated vehicles. Council members serve in a strictly advisory capacity, providing PAVE and its members with opinions and recommendations related to AV technology and its societal effects.