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PAVE adds new industry leaders to growing coalition

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WASHINGTON, DC – Partners for Automated Vehicle Education today announced that nine new members have joined the coalition and its campaign to raise the level of public understanding about automated vehicles and their benefits.

The new members: Applied Intuition, Autofleet, Carmera, Dataspeed Inc., Nauto, Navya, Point One Navigation, Transportation Research Center Inc. and Velodyne Lidar.

“PAVE is excited that these new members, who represent a broad range of leading voices on automated vehicles, have joined our growing coalition,” said PAVE Coalition Manager Tara Andringa. “Together, we are dedicated to raising the level of public understanding and awareness about this technology and its potential benefits.”

PAVE is a broad coalition of leading industry, non-profit and academic institutions launching a first-of-its kind, fact-based campaign to inform the public and policymakers about the potential and the reality of advanced vehicle technologies.

PAVE’s public education campaign will include hands-on public demonstration events; policymaker workshops for stakeholders at the local, state and federal level; educational materials for industry sales personnel and others who work directly with consumers; and active online educational efforts through the PAVEcampaign.org website and social media channels. Through these and other activities, PAVE will seek to bring realistic, factual information to policymakers and the public so consumers and decision-makers understand the technology, its current state and its future potential — including the benefits in safety, mobility and sustainability — without unjustified hype or unreasonable fear.

PAVE on March 15 announced that it would partner with SAE Interational and Dataspeed Inc. to host its first public demonstration event, April 5-7 at the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit. Members of the public will have an opportunity to ride in a self-driving car, and interactive displays will help visitors understand the technology behind self-driving cars and their potential benefits: increased safety, expanded mobility for those whose ability to drive a traditional vehicle is limited, and enhanced environmental sustainability

For more on PAVE: Visit PAVE’s website (pavecampaign.org), Facebook page (@PAVEcampaign), Twitter handle (@PAVEcampaign), and Instagram account (@PAVEcampaign).

About PAVE

Partners for Automated Vehicle Education is a coalition of industry, nonprofit and academic institutions with one goal: To inform and educate the public and policymakers on the facts regarding automated vehicles so that they can fully participate in shaping the future of our roads and highways. PAVE’s members, led by co-chairs Audi of America and the National Safety Council, believe that the public needs factual information about AV technology in order to fully realize the potential benefits the technology can offer to increased safety, mobility and sustainability. Launched in January 2019, PAVE’s activities include hands-on public demonstration events, policymaker workshops, developing educational materials for dealer and customer-service personnel and active online and social media channels.

March 18, 2019