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Profile: North Central Texas Council of Governments

PAVE: How is your region preparing for AVs?

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) has multiple cities that have hosted AV deployments, ranging from delivery bots to automated trucks. DFW has become a center for automated long-distance trucking, with 5 companies located in the region. Multiple significant robotaxi deployments are anticipated over the next few years. Our metropolitan planning organization (MPO) policy board has approved funding for AV planning, to help equip our cities to effectively partner with AV developers, and to make strategic investments in AV services to explore use cases not covered by the private sector. At the state level, DFW collaborates with other Texas cities, transit agencies, universities, and TxDOT on transportation innovation through the Texas Innovation Alliance.

PAVE: What deployments/tests have taken place already?

There has been a wide variety of AV deployments, ranging from sidewalk delivery bots to automated long distance trucks. DFW is currently home to multiple AV trucking companies.

PAVE: What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your work with AVs?

Patience. The transition to high levels of vehicle automation has not come smartphone fast. It is important that transportation planning agencies like NCTCOG take a long view — balancing technological optimism against a realistic assessment of remaining challenges — to plan ahead prudently and invest strategically.

Read more about NCTCOG on their website or follow them on social media @NCTCOGtrans.

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